For art, culture and history lovers we mention some of the different museums situated in our region:

  • the Landscape Museum "Museo del Paesaggio" at Palazzo Viani in Verbania Pallanza
  • the Civic Archeologic Museum in Mergozzo
  • the Hat musem "Museo dell' Arte del Cappello" in Ghiffa
  • the Dol musem "Museo delle Bambole" at the Rocca d' Angera
  • the Water museum "Museo dell' Acqua: l' Acquamondo" in Cossogno
  • the Ecomuseo Cusius of Orta Lake and Mottarone, in Omegna
  • the Ethnographic museum of Musical Woodwind "Museo Etnografico e dello Strumento musicale a fiato" in Quarna Sotto
  • the Holy Mountains "Sacri Monti" in Ghiffa, Orta and Domodossola
  • the Chimney Sweeper museum "Museo dello Spazzacamino" in Santa Maria Maggiore
  • the Earth science musuem "Museo di Scienze della Terra" in Crodo
If you would like to spend your holidays looking for experience and fun, instead, we mention you:
  • the "Aquadventure Park Lago Maggiore" in Baveno
  • the "Lago Maggiore Zipline" in Aurano
  • the "Alpyland" at the top of Mottarone, with an Alpine coaster
  • the "Safari Park" in Pombia